Welcome to the Norwalk River Valley Trail.

Missing Leaf Blower:  One of the NRVT volunteer crews is missing a leaf blower.  The crew was working on the NRVT in Wilton, near the Autumn Ridge parking lot. Someone picked up one of their leaf blowers that was sitting on the side of the trail.  Please contact Charlie Taney, Executive Director, at ctaney@nrvt-trail.com, or 203-536-5618, with any information to help us retrieve this volunteer’s lead blower.

The Norwalk River Valley Trail [NRVT] project aims to build 30 miles of trail connecting Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, Connecticut to Rogers Park in Danbury, passing through Wilton, Ridgefield, and Redding along the way.

The NRVT will be a 10 foot wide, wheelchair-accessible trail creating recreation opportunities for walkers, hikers, cyclists, kids and pets.  The NRVT will offer a healthy transportation alternative rail stations, schools, offices, and businesses.

See snapshots and maps of our trails by clicking on the town name below:

Norwalk             Wilwalk               Wilton              Ridgefield               Redding                 Danbury

HELP BUILD THE REDDING MILE BY MAKING A DONATION TO HELP US MEET A CHALLENGE GRANT! We have raised $3,000 toward the $4,000 challenge grant from the beFoundation. We still need gifts totaling $1,000 to meet the match and effectively double your gift. Just click on the Donate button and choose the Redding Mile from the drop-down menu. Thanks!

Outdoor Sports Center’s $5,000 Matching Challenge

You can double your donation to the Norwalk River Valley Trail!

The Outdoor Sports Center will match your donation to the NRVT dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000.

These funds will help build the new WilWalk section of the NRVT connecting Wilton and Norwalk.

The Outdoor Sports Center Challenge is good until December 31st, so please donate ASAP.

Click on Donate and look for the Outdoor Sports Center Challenge.