Welcome to the Norwalk River Valley Trail.

The Norwalk River Valley Trail [NRVT] project aims to build 33 miles of trail connecting Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, Connecticut to Rogers Park in Danbury, passing through Wilton, Ridgefield, and Redding along the way.

The NRVT will be a 10 foot wide, ADA compliant trail creating recreation opportunities for walkers, hikers, cyclists, kids and pets.  The NRVT will offer a healthy transportation alternative rail stations, schools, offices, and businesses.

See snapshots and maps of our trails by clicking on the town name below:

Norwalk             Wilwalk               Wilton              Ridgefield               Redding                 Danbury

You can help start construction on the WilWalk section!

Do you have a contact at a company on the Route 7 corridor that might be interested in learning about our fundraising drive for the WilWalk section? If so, an introduction would be hugely appreciated! Every dollar that’s donated will trigger another four dollars in a state grant, a 4-to-1 match! Just send me the name of your contact and I’ll reach out to them.  Charlie Taney, Executive Director, ctaney@nrvt-trail.com, 203-536-5618.

For more details, see the links and article below. We can raise the necessary funds if enough companies and people learn about this 4-to-1 match opportunity!

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