Norwalk River Valley Trail

Five Towns | One Vision

The Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT) project aims to build 38 miles of multi-purpose trail connecting Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, Connecticut, and Rogers Park in Danbury, passing through Wilton, Ridgefield, and Redding on the way.

In addition to creating recreational opportunities for walkers, hikers, cyclists, kids, pets and - on some stretches - equestrians, the NRVT will offer a green and healthy transportation alternative to reach rail stations, schools, offices, and businesses.

To find out about our existing sections of trail, our plans, and our vision, please visit our Trail Maps pages. 

Twin Oak Lane Boardwalk and Trail - Update


We are pleased to report progress on construction of the new boardwalk and new trail section on the east-side "Wilton Loop". The work will connect existing sections of the loop to Twin Oak Lane.

Trail builder Timber & Stone LLC has made the following progress to date: 

  • Framing of the 200-foot boardwalk is complete.

  • Excavation, sub-surfacing, and surfacing of the new trail to connect the boardwalk with Twin Oak Lane is complete. 

The boardwalk still requires a deck and railings. Completion is dependent on obtaining black locust lumber of sufficient quantity and quality, and also on favorable weather. If both lumber mills and Mother Nature cooperate, Timber & Stone hopes to complete the boardwalk by mid-January. The onset of heavy snow could delay completion to the spring.

The new boardwalk and trail was made possible by generous donations from the community, and in particular from Wilton Woman's Club. We are grateful. 

Twin Oak Lane Boardwalk



Redding Garden Club pledges $5,000 to NRVT


We are delighted that the Redding Garden Club has chosen to donate toward construction of the Redding portion of the NRVT (read Redding Pilot article). Thank you RGC!

As the Pilot article notes, anyone wishing to join the RGC and others in the community by contributing to the NRVT can do so with a "Redding Implementation" donation. You can make your donation by check (Friends of the NRVT, Inc., PO Box 174, Georgetown, CT 06829) or via our Donate page.

Let's make Redding the next town with a section of NRVT!


Best Feet Forward Across The Boardwalk


As the Wilton Bulletin writes, Wilton Woman's Club raised $30,000 for the NRVT at its April 1st "Best Foot Forward" FUNdraiser, funds that "will ensure the trail meets its immediate financial goal to build a 200-foot boardwalk that will take the newest section of trail to Twin Oaks Lane".

Right now, that boardwalk is just a line of "helical anchors". It will possible later this year to cross the wetland to the Twin Oak Lane trailhead. Thank you, Wilton women! 


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