Fairfield County's Giving Day is approaching - Norwalk River Valley Trail

Fairfield County's Giving Day is approaching

Thursday, March 9th, is Fairfield County's Giving Day, an event that unites our community around local causes close to your heart.

What better gift to our families, friends, and the generations to come than a local trail to walk, run, and ride?

Visit an existing section of NRVT on any fine day - or not so fine! - and you will see people exercising, de-stressing, playing, getting together.

We need your help to improve the NRVT - lengthen it, join it up, take it to more towns, make it even better for your walks, runs, and rides.

On March 9th, please visit  our page at FCGives.org to give whatever you can. We will use it to take the NRVT forward.

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