2013 Spring Newsletter - Norwalk River Valley Trail

2013 Spring Newsletter

The Steering Committee is excited to begin introducing sections of the trail to our followers. Each town's subcommittee has been hard at work establishing the first sections that will someday link up to create the 37 mile trail and its spurs.  Many of those sections are featured in the Trails Day hikes described below.  Additionally, the Wilton subcommittee is quickly approaching the commencement of constructing the 8-mile, Wilton Center Loop of the NRVT.  At this point, it appears this loop will be completed in the next 15 months.


Catch up with us at Trails Day this weekend or at Georgetown Day on June 9th to see what how the trail is coming to life.

Celebrate Trails Day with the NRVT


Saturday June 1st is National Trails Day. Celebrate America's magnificent trail system, and show your support for the NRVT, by joining one of our fun and informative guided hikes. Check the NRVT website for full details, including registration requirements and rain plans.



NORWALK - Walk or bike on completed sections of NRVT and paved walkways from Mathews Park to Calf Pasture Beach, or hike unimproved trail through urban woodland along the river to Deering Pond.


WILTON / RIDGEFIELD - Join NRVT Steering Committee member Greg Waters for a hike through Weir Farm National Historic Site and Ridgefield open space. Greg will discuss New England land use history, plant identification, and biological monitoring. The hike passes old fields, wetlands, mountain laurel groves, and towering rocky ledges.


REDDING - Hike the town's longest "long" trail, which will be accessible by secondary routes from the NRVT. Gaze from the cliff at Warrups Rock, walk the spine of the Whaleback, skirt a wetland, and crisscross Blackman's Brook.


DANBURY - Hike Tarrywile Park trails to Mootry Peak, stopping to enjoy nice views of Danbury

and Candlewood Lake. 




Win a Bike, Support the Trail


Thanks to a generous donation from trail supporter Dave Campbell, the Friends of the NRVT is giving our supporters pedal-power with a raffle for a Cannondale recreational bicycle. The bike, a beautiful Cannondale Adventure 4 valued at $579, is perfect for commuting to work or pulling the kids in a trailer on Saturday morning. We are raffling it off on June 30th at Ridgefield Town Hall. Tickets are just $20 and can be purchased:


  •  At the Wilton Conservation office at the Wilton Town Hall   Annex on Danbury Road
  • By mail to PO Box 174, Georgetown, CT  06829
  • At the NRVT booth at Georgetown Day on June 9th, where the bike will be on display
  • On one of the NRVT's National Trails Day hikes on June 1st 

All proceeds go to support the ongoing implementation activities of the NRVT.

Blazing Trail - Norwalk



On May 4th a group of hardy volunteers took advantage of beautiful spring sunshine to push the NRVT a little further forward in Norwalk. There is an article about the work in The Hour - Blazing a trail - literally. Trail already exists from the Maritime Aquarium to Union Park and between New Canaan Avenue and Deering Pond. Our crew blazed trail through the shady strip of woods next to Riverside Avenue to connect these existing sections. We have christened this stretch the "Missing Link". It is not yet broad hiking trail, let alone bike path, but it will allow one of our National Trails Day hikes (see Celebrate Trails Day with the NRVT) to pass this way on June 1st. And it is a surprisingly attractive bit of trail, offering leafy, riverbank seclusion from the busy roads on either side.    

Blazing Trail - Wilton


Wilton blazed trail in another way this month when the Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to apply for a recreational trails grant to be used, in conjunction with privately-raised funds, for the eastern section of the Wilton Center Loop of the NRVT. The 3.3 mile section would run from the junction of Route 7 and Wolfpit Road to Pimpewaug Road, looping well back from Route 7. Ground could be broken on the trail as early as later this year. Read the full story in the Wilton Bulletin.

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