2014 Holiday Newsletter - Norwalk River Valley Trail

2014 Holiday Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The past year has been a wonderful one for the Norwalk River Valley Trail. Your support, enthusiasm, and generosity have allowed us to go much further than even we hoped. Our five towns together have cultivated important relationships, raised funds, developed plans, and - most important of all - built new trail for us all to enjoy.


Our "Demo" Trail

At this time last year, we had just broken ground on our demonstration trail. After biting cold and endless snow, we officially opened the half-mile section - Route 7 to Raymond Lane, Wilton - on April 26th. The verdict of the numerous residents of our five towns who came to see it? Fabulous! More please!  

A young user of the NRVT Demo Trail

PICTURE - A young user of the NRVT Demo Trail


The Wilton Loop 

Generous donations from the community quickly made "more please" possible, and on October 18th we cut the ribbon on the next section of the east-side "Wilton Loop", connecting the demo trail to Sharp Hill Road.  Simultaneously, the Town of Wilton piggybacked on the Yankee Gas project to greatly improve the quality of existing NRVT on the west side, in the vicinity of Merwin Meadows and Lovers Lane open space.

September 26th II

PICTURE - Walkers on the new Wilton Loop


A Five-Town Effort

The enthusiasm of area residents for the demo trail energized our town teams. In Redding, we obtained an estimate for the development of design documents for a mile of trail between Fire Hill and Picketts Ridge roads. In Norwalk - where sections of  NRVT have existed for many years - the City contracted design work for the "Missing Link". When built, this section will make possible a 2.5-mile seamless walk from the Maritime Aquarium to Deering Pond. We also  noted with satisfaction the priority given to the NRVT by Mayor Rilling's new bike-ped committee. In Ridgefield, we used National Public Lands Day for a volunteer effort to clear brush and rocks from the prospective route of the trail from Laurel Lane to the Martin Park parking area, and made the front page of the Ridgefield Press for our efforts! We have also worked side-by-side with the Town of Ridgefield and the "LINC" group to determine the suitability of the Rail Trail for bikes and seek CL&P's approval for the upgrades.  The Rail Trail will be a key spur of the NRVT, linking us to Ridgefield Center. In Danbury, our team has been waiting for the firming up of the our route in Redding and Ridgefield before picking up the ball and running. They will be able to take advantage of grassroots efforts now underway to make the city more bike-ped friendly, like those of Bicycle Advocacy of Greater Danbury which is engaging with Danbury Public Schools for Safe Routes to School.

Trails Day 2013

PICTURE - Hiking the "Missing Link" in Norwalk


Our 2015 Wish List 

With such a good year behind us, we are of course looking forward with great ambition.  To meet our goals for our communities, we are asking for even more of your support, enthusiasm, and especially generosity. Our 2015 wish list comes with price tags that every donation, whatever its size, will help to meet. The NRVT can't grow without you.

- Redding needs $4,500 to develop construction documents for its first section of trail.

- Norwalk needs $6,000 to design the trail from Broad Street north to Wilton.

- Ridgefield needs $20,000 to develop engineering plans to assess the feasibility of safely accommodating bikes on the Rail Trail.

- Wilton has the big-ticket item - $1.6 million to take the east-side Loop up to Cannondale. The design work is done, the permits are obtained, the contractor is ready. We "just" need the money to get moving on this section at the heart of the NRVT.

- The Steering Committee needs about $5,000 for the humble, but essential, tasks of marketing and administration. 

Prospective section in Redding

PICTURE - Prospective NRVT section in Redding  


A Big Thank You to our Sponsors 

You don't have to spend much time on our new sections of trail to know how well-used they are, how much our communities value what has been built. As we ask you to help us in 2015, we would like to say thank you to those who have given so generously - in cash and kind - to get us to where we are now. 

Trails Day Volunteers

PICTURE - Donors, Volunteers, and Crew on National Trails Day 2014



Supporting Donors

Sean Archambault

Jeremy Bassie

David Bauer

Bruce and Cynthia Beebe

Mark and Kristen Begor

Linda Black

Sophie Black

Dr. Rick and Carol Boas

Bill and Kathleen Brennan

Thomas Brewer

Mark and Tammy Brown

Tim and Lisa Cawley

CBET Foundation

John and Suzanne Christian

Marylyn and David Clune

Kevin and Moira Craw

William and Sandra Dahl

George and Georgia Davala

Andrew and Susan Diloreto

Brent Donnelly

FactSet Research Systems

Kenneth and Pamela Fadner

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

John and Robin Fields

Peter and Leslie Gambee

Syd and Melinda Gordon

Stuart Green

Laurie and Howard Greene

Jerry and Mary Gail Gristina

Buck and Lila Griswold

Samuel Ingram

Richard and Virginia Irwin

Kimberly Young and Craig Johnson

John and Kathleen Kalamarides

Chris and Pam Kelly

CC Kern, Jr.

Nancy McTague

Carol Miorelli-Johnson

Tracy and John Morgan

Ray and Gail Moskow

The Nickel Family

David Park

Peak Engineering, LLC

James and Emily Perakis

Steve and Betsy Pettit

Dawn Rankine

Ann Raymond

Lou and Paula Reens

Susan Reilly

Paul and Mary Reis

Joan and Maurice Reznik

Gary and Sheri Richards

Bob and Carol Russell

The Schlechter Family

Eugene and Jean Schlesinger

Eric and Patricia Sesto

Tom and Marla Sinchak

Chris and Nancy Smith

Peter Snedeker


Paul and Barbara Sullivan

Winfield Swarr

Ken and Pat Sylvia

Roger and Ginny Valkenburgh

Florence Vannoni

Shea Wallon

Daphne White

JH Wilson

Wilton Rotary Trust Fund

Julie Wolfer

Bob and Jane Wood


Leadership Donors

Blue Buffalo

Coca Cola Foundation

Linda Costa

Davatzes Family Foundation

John and Shelley Dempsey

Richard and Joan Dineen

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Tracy and John Flannery

GE Foundation

James and Lisa Lillie

Mike and Paula Lindberg

The Lumpkin Foundation

Next Step Living

Steve and Betsy Pettit

Luke and Caitlin Walsh

Carolyn and Greg Wheeler

Wilton Go Green

Wilton Family YMCA


Legacy Donors


Woodson and Tina Duncan

Betsy and Jesse Fink

John and Doon Foster

Clifford and Norma Fox

Greg and Gina Jansen

Tamara and George Kalin

John and Stacy Reynolds

Tim and Kari Roberts

William Robertson

Ed and Catherine Romer

Chris and Catherine Stroup

William & Karen Tell Foundation 



-        Anonymous

-        Cannondale

-        Connecticut Coffee & Grill

-        Jain Fain Associates

-        McChord Engineering

-        Outdoor Sports Center

-        Patagonia

-        Yankee Gas 


All of us on the NRVT Steering Committee  wish you and your families a very joyful holiday season, and Happy Trails in 2015! Please take a moment from the bustle and celebration to send us whatever you can. Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 174, Georgetown, CT 06829; and donations made through our website - www.nrvt-trail.com/donate.


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